Best Chinese Music Playlists on Spotify 

 May 12, 2021

By  Alyza Cajigal

Listening to music is a good way to practice and learn a language; especially if you sing along with it.

Music can be a very helpful tool in learning and memorizing. Singing along to the lyrics of Chinese songs is a good method to learn Chinese words.

It is best to keep in mind that learning Chinese in this manner does not satisfactorily teach the proper intonation of Chinese words since songs have various tones. A song changes depending on its melody and music and somehow affects the intonation of some words. 

Music has a multitude of genres and an individual should choose one that he or she is most fond of.  

Here are some playlists of Chinese songs you can listen to on Spotify for free.

Chinese Kids Songs – Mandarin Nursery Rhymes 小孩话语歌曲-中文儿歌曲

Pinyin: Chinese Kids Songs – Mandarin Nursery Rhymes Xiǎohái Huàyǔ Gēqǔ-Zhōngwén Ér Gēqǔ

Playlist Creator: fendyhsu

This playlist is dedicated to Chinese versions of famous children’s songs. This playlist is best for beginners since the words in the songs here are very basic and easy to remember.

迪士尼 中文 || Disney Chinese || Díshìní Zhōngwén

Playlist Creator: Untamola 

Most people grew up watching Disney movies and remember the timeless music it came with. This playlist is a collection of Disney songs in Chinese that everyone surely remembers from their younger years and to this day.

Learn Chinese

Playlist Creator: Spotify 

This is a playlist for learning conversational Mandarin for travelers. This is best listened to in the car or in the plane. Personally, I listen to this in my free time at work and it’s been helpful in refreshing my Mandarin.

Top Chinese Songs 2020 - Best Chinese Music Playlist (Mandarin Chinese Song 2020)

Playlist Creator: redmusiccompany

This playlist contains the top grossing Chinese Songs for the year 2020. Their owner makes playlists for top music every year. This playlist is helpful in making you updated about the current trending music in China.

Chinese Pop 2020

Playlist Creator: Bryan Tan

This playlist contains the latest Chinese pop music. It is suitable for both young and young at heart who want to learn Chinese in an entertaining way.

Chinese Jazz/Bossanova

Playlist Creator: joenathanael

If you’re into Jazz or Bossa nova, then this playlist is perfect for you. It contains a compilation of Chinese Jazz and Bossa nova. Perfect for those moments when you want to relax after a hard day’s work.

不插電獨立民謠 Chinese Acoustic Folk

Playlist Creator: 風潮音樂 (Fēngcháo Yīnyuè) (Trending Music)

If you prefer the simple sound of a guitar then, this playlist would be good for you since it offers a collection of acoustic Chinese music. It’s a great playlist for studying, reading a book, or just unwinding.

Chinese Hip Hop Stars

Playlist Creator: Spotify

This playlist is dedicated for Chinese Hip Hop and Rap music. The songs in the playlist are very danceable and lively. If you are into hip hop dancing or just want to listen to something upbeat, then this playlist is perfect for you.

Personally, I listen to this playlist when I feel like bopping my head while working to keep myself awake.

Chinese ost/tiktok/douyin

Playlist Creator: Kath Jacang

If you are a big fan of Chinese drama or C-drama and you want to relive some of its memorable moments and scenes, then you will enjoy this playlist. It is a collection of songs used in different Chinese drama shows and will surely bring a feeling of nostalgia. The songs here are also commonly used for Tik Tok videos.

🎧 C-pop Bops 2020-Weekly Updated Chinese Pop, Chinese Hiphop & R&B (RnB) 嘻哈,Mandopop,Dance/EDM,華語快歌

Playlist Creator: Anita Andrugsurba

This playlist contains songs of all popular genres for the year 2020. This contains pop, hip hop, and rap Chinese music. The creator updates this playlist weekly making sure that listeners are up to date of Chinese pop music. 

Traditional Chinese Instrumental🎧

Playlist Creator: 12120886708

As we all know, the Chinese are very rich in history and culture. A great part of its tradition is their music. This playlist is a selection of traditional Chinese music that is very well known for its unique sound and overall characteristic.

✟中文崇拜 Chinese Praise and Worship

Playlist Creator: pei pei

This playlist is a great way to express your faith while learning Chinese in the process. This playlist is comprised of heart-warming praise songs in Chinese.

90's Chinese Pop Songs

Playlist Creator: yuti0325

If you want to relive the cool and hip time of the 90’s era, then this playlist will do that for you. This playlist is a collection of Chinese Pop music from the 90’s that will surely make you reminisce.

These are just some of the various playlists of Chinese songs that can be easily found on Spotify. Apart from Spotify, Chinese music can readily be accessed through other streaming platforms such  9ku.com, 1ting.com, Kuguo.com, and many other more.

From this, we have learned that Chinese music has a complex range of genres and offers a selection of songs you can choose from. 

Nowadays, Chinese music is becoming more and more popular. Their style of music continuously evolves and is becoming more and more diverse. With the advent of online streaming websites and applications, Chinese music has become more accessible to more people worldwide. It has helped Chinese music to become more popular internationally. 

I hope you enjoy these playlists and may they help you learn Chinese in the most fun and entertaining way!

How about you? Do you have your own Chinese playlist?

Alyza Cajigal

Alyza is a fluent Chinese speaker who works as a corporate analyst in the Philippines. She also loves gaming and fitness on her downtime.

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